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Join Jiacheng international to make you a better logistics person. Whether you want to enter the express industry from scratch, or to manage an excellent express delivery company in order, or is worrying about the logistics management, the international logistics will provide you with professional and efficient service.

Overseas joining

Since its inception, Jiacheng has been committed to developing international business and sharing resources with all partners around the world to achieve win-win results. Whether you are a logistics company, or a business enterprise, or an individual, as long as you have the logistics dream, please feel free to contact us. Mailbox:! Please note in the mail:

1. The city in which it is located       2. Corporate or personal background       3. Resource channel       4. The idea of joining in cooperation       5. Contact information

Domestic affiliate

The cross-border logistics industry has boundless prospects for cross-border e-commerce. Jiacheng international adheres to the service concept of "sincere and sincere person and sincere and sincere", welcomes you with the greatest sincerity, and looks forward to creating the prosperity of China's cross-border logistics industry together with you!

Join process

Join the consultation
Those who are interested can consult the franchise through telephone or Internet message, or directly fill in the "join intention list" below to make an appointment.
on-the-spot investigation
After joining the intention list, you can go to the Hangzhou headquarters for field visits.
Confirm that the franchisees fill in the "application for joining" according to the standard and submit the application formally.
Review and pass through
Headquarters is eligible to join the applicant to confirm the qualification of investors.
The two sides reached a consensus of cooperation and formally signed the contract of accession.
Cost of payment
Franchisees pay their affiliate fees and other fees to their headquarters according to their affiliate types.
Take part in training
To participate in professional training of headquarters organizations, and comprehensively improve the quality of operations.
Announcement of opening
Headquarters confirmed that the franchisee completed the preparation of the business, the branches, franchisees and all JCEX customers announced that the franchise point business.
Take counselling
Regular acceptance of headquarters or network counseling, and continuously improve the quality of service.

Request for joining

First, optimistic about the prospects of the express delivery industry, and voluntarily join the international cross border logistics business;

Two. Identify the business concept of Jiacheng international, obey the headquarters management, cooperate with the headquarters, abide by the law, standardize the management, and consciously maintain the brand image of "Jiacheng international".;

Three. The relevant companies have been registered according to law, which covers international express and international air services, and has good commercial reputation and financial strength;

Four. Legal person (Manager) must have certain logistics work experience, management experience and legal knowledge reserve, and have a good sense of management and risk prevention and control;

Five. Commitment to accept systematic training and rationalization proposals at headquarters, comply with the rules and regulations of Jiacheng international and logistics operation rules;

Six. The shipping documents and packaging that must be printed or recognized by Jiacheng international must be used。

Mode of joining

Multi area selection / site selection: opening a nationwide county level franchise, franchisees can make corresponding geographical choices according to their own planning.

The two payment choice / flexible investment: the payment method of affiliate fee is divided into one-time payment and annual payment, and franchisees can decide according to their own financial status.

※ Individual joining: individuals with no experience in international logistics business are required to handle business, tax and other documents under the leadership of our company. Please contact customer service for details.

Joinable area

Intention list
Pre join point
Contact identity
※ Submit the intention to join, and the customer service will contact you in time!

*Click to download "join application (individual)"
*Click to download "join application (enterprise)"
(after sending to mailbox:, you can apply for affiliate).



Hangzhou Jiacheng international logistics Limited by Share Ltd was established in 2000. It is a comprehensive logistics company specializing in international express, international freight forwarding, cross-border customs clearance, cross-border bonded and cross-border transportation. It is considered as a national high-tech enterprise. It is a national 4A international service provider with full license. We are committed to providing personalized, multi port services to global customers. Multi - trunk cross border logistics service. It has more than 30 branches and more than 50 business sites, covering more than 100 countries and regions.
  • 2000 has been established for 18 years
  • There are more than 800 employees,  ,   and more than 150 vehicles.
  • The domestic branch has 24     business site is nearly 50.
  • 4 domestic allocation centers  13 customs ports in China
  • 2 import bonded warehouses  4 export warehouses
  • 12 overseas Cang Alliance  More than 30 overseas service providers
  • 12 overseas direct companies
  • More than 20 international special line  Cover more than 200 countries or regions.
  • More than 10 thousand service enterprises

JCEX main business


Evaluation of 4A level logistics enterprises
National high-tech enterprises
The top ten enterprises of Zhejiang electric business logistics
Vice president of Zhejiang logistics and Purchasing Association
Vice president of Zhejiang express Association
The international express license issued by the general post office
Customs declaration certificate for general cargo and express delivery issued by the General Administration of Customs
IATA issues IATA (international air transport sales agent qualification).
China Air Transport Association issues CATA (domestic air transport sales agent qualification).

Jiacheng International provides you with

  • 18 years of professional logistics

    Business experience sharing

  • Mature sales team

    Multichannel under line

    Training support

  • National high-tech enterprises

    IT, patent technology support

  • All over the world

    Sharing of logistics network system

  • Financial support in the middle and short term

  • Establishment of professional performance management system

  • Enterprise brand image construction

    Enterprise culture training

JCEX existing resources

Rich storage resources

At home, Jiacheng international is commissioned by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce to build an overseas warehouse alliance to realize the integrated service function of cross border warehousing and distribution integration. The total warehouse is located in Xiaoshan Airport Park, Hangzhou, with an area of 45 thousand square meters. It is the largest cross-border export warehouse in China. In addition, Jiacheng international has abundant warehousing resources in more than 10 domestic cities.
Shanghai Pudong International Airport independent regulatory bank: the area of 6500 square meters, the first floor is the customs clearance operation area, the two floor is the office area and import and export customs clearance goods temporary storage area. Pudong's independent regulatory bank is the largest international area in the world. The most perfect customs port, the volume of import and export express is the top three in Pudong Airport A area.
Hangzhou Xiasha import and export processing zone cross border bonded warehouse: located in the Hangzhou export processing zone, the total area of the first phase of the warehouse is 7500 square meters, opened at the end of April 2016, and the storehouse is 12 meters high. The warehouse has already recorded about 4000 SKU products, and the daily volume can meet 30 thousand orders. The two phase increased to 20 thousand square meters at the end of 2017, and the average daily volume reached 60 thousand.



South Africa

Ying De ho Czech



New horse

Australian India

Japan and South Korea

Hong Kong and Taiwan

State distribution of overseas warehouses and overseas Warehouse Union

















South Africa

The United Arab Emirates






Hong Kong

The Republic of Korea

A widely distributed national customs port and international site

Well-known cooperative units

Various big e-commerce platforms
Airline cooperation unit
Shipping cooperation unit
Shipping cooperation unit
Central and Central Asian classes ("Chongqing New Europe", "Han New Europe", "Rong Europe", "Zhengou", "Yi Xin o", "camp full of Europe", "Lanzhou", "Liao full Europe", "Han New Europe", etc.)
Overseas service provider

Special line - fast and convenient!

Special line name Tongda country Port of shipment Import port Flight day Dispatch company
hdnl Britain Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing London 2/3/4/6/7 UKMAIL
Holland special line Holland / Germany / Belgium / Poland / Luxemburg Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Amsterdam 2/3/4/7 SPEEDLINK
Africa special line South Africa Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Johannesburg 2/3/4/6/7 UKMAIL
Emirates special line Middle East / Eastern Europe / Central South America Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Dubai 2/3/4/5/6/7 UNIVERSAL/ARAMEX/FEDEX
Australian special line Australia Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Sydney 2/3/4/5/6/7 QANTAS/TOLL
India line India Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing bombay 2/3/4/5/7 ARAMEX
Bengal line Bengal Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Dhaka 2/3/4/5/7 CUX
Singapore special line Singapore / Philippines Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Singapore 2/3/4/5/7 CITYLINK
Thailand special line Thailand Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Bangkok 2/3/4/5/7 CITYLINK
Malaysia special line Malaysia / Vietnam / Indonesia and so on Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Kuala Lumpur 2/3/4/6/7 CITYLINK
Taiwan special line Taiwan region Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Taipei 2/3/4/5/7 Tiansheng
Hongkong special line Hongkong region Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Hong Kong 2/3/4/5/6/7 Mobilis
Japanese special line Japan Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Tokyo, Osaka 2/3/4/5/7 SAGAWA
American special line U.S.A Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing New York 2/3/4/5/7 FEDEX
Korean special line The Republic of Korea Hangzhou / Shenzhen / Beijing Seoul 1/3/4/5/6 ILYANG/SRE

New business good mail - to provide you with more possibilities

By using special line service and parcel billing model, Jia Bao provides 1-100 grams of billing for customers to create an economical, high speed, safe and convenient service mode. By air transportation to the destination country, Jiacheng local branch will finish the customs clearance step by step. Further work with the local postal service to complete the terminal delivery. To realize information tracking and reduce the link of transport. First, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Ten countries in Holland and Portugal will continue to open more countries and regions.
  • 01
    Point to point international logistics service
  • 02
    3-7 working days to the time limit
  • 03
    The combination of "direct flight" and "local delivery"
  • 04
    In the "gram" charging mode (suitable for small packages in 2kg).

Join the hotline

Domestic affiliate
Contact: Yingqi
Overseas joining
Contact:Jerry Liu

hot tip

1. Anyone who comes to study will hold relevant identity documents.

Two. Jiacheng international has registered trademark with the State Administration of industry and commerce. It can not use Jiacheng international brand without authorization from headquarters.

Three. Held by the Hangzhou Jiacheng international logistics Limited by Share Ltd, Jiacheng international advertising, quotation sheet and waybill copyright department, which prohibits any unit and individual from reprinting, reprinting and use.

Four. The headquarters and the franchisees are the alliance bodies of the business, only the vertical chain business relationship, and any civil and criminal responsibilities of the franchisee, the headquarters is not jointly and severally liable.

Five. If the franchisee wants to build a sub network, it must report to the headquarters for record, and each construction point will pay the related construction fee to headquarters at once.

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